Reliable, Flexible, and Secure BESS Services

We aim to build and operate BESS along the Texas power grid to bridge energy supply shortfalls. Our service will include building, installation, operation, and 24/7 service for those BESS.

Our RevenueModel

Lullwater’s revenue model is well-established within the industry and is being successfully executed across the country and within the ERCOT grid of Texas. Lullwater BESS draws electricity to charge the storage system in the early morning hours (1–4 AM) when the ERCOT grid has very low prices due to excess wind generation. Lullwater then interfaces with STEM’s machine learning / AI-driven software to determine when to discharge the stored energy back to the ERCOT grid to meet daily demand peaks.

Lullwater is compensated at a higher price through the daily spot market or day ahead futures market. In addition to this significant revenue generation, Lullwater can receive contracted revenue for participation in ERCOT’s ‘spinning reserves’ programs, in which Lullwater BESS keeps some power on reserve to assist ERCOT in regulating grid modulation.

The Timeline

Lullwater has procured an ideal installation location adjacent to a new power substation within a highly congested energy “node.” The newly installed BESS will provide energy security to an underserved area of the city undergoing significant redevelopment, resulting in increased energy demand.


Preliminary construction preparations are currently being completed at the installation site.


The BESS will be delivered to the Port of Houston in February.


It will be placed in storage in March.


Large-scale construction efforts will begin once financing has been secured.


The interconnection process with ERCOT is currently underway. It will be completed in stages between the commercial operation date in Q4 2023.